About us

We are more than data.

We are a society.

The Center of Excellence in Data for Society is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank created to convene stakeholders and explore the social impact and policy role of data on society. CEDS considers any person or entity that produces or uses data to be a stakeholder, and we conduct research and analysis on how stakeholders contribute to the rapidly changing role of data across society.  To this end, CEDS proposes public policies that protect the rights of stakeholders, promote access to data, and facilitate new opportunities for global engagement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce knowledge and provide policy guidance to US and international institutions.  Our objective is to deliver excellence through a model of inclusive leadership that accounts for all individuals, communities, institutions, and sectors that are affected by data assets.

We are a public policy think tank and our work focuses on the relationships between data and society.  We convene international stakeholders to discuss, study, and develop norms and standards in a variety of data & society topics, including:

  • Norms And Ethics

  • Governance And Regulations

  • Policy And Diplomacy

  • Sociotechnical Systems And Agreements

  • Rights And Responsibilities

  • Micro- And Macroeconomics

  • Data Management And Stewardship

  • Sociocultural Interests And Activities Of The Data Science Research Community


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