Center of Excellence in Data for Society

The CODATA Center of Excellence in Data for Society at the University of Arizona (CEDS) is a data science think tank.  We study ethical AI, collaboratory cultures, data commons, and the technology trends that impact privacy, education, diversity, in digital society.  Our Center also serves an advisory function by convening transdisciplinary experts to provide guidance on data governance and science diplomacy to global stakeholders. 

CEDS is a woman-led research center with a diverse staff committed to the inclusion of underrepresented communities in the development of the digital future.  It is a joint incubation of Data7 + iSchool + NNI + CDSDS.


Connect Your Research to the International Community through CODATA



CODATA's recently released Decadal Programme is an ambitious initiative to bring multidisciplinary, cross-domain stakeholders together through big data assets to advance progress in the international research community's shared scientific challenges.  Find out how your work can accelerate innovation, deepen scientific understanding, and enhance interdisciplinary data-intensive methodologies with CODATA.  Join us on October 20, 2020 to learn how to connect your research to CODATA's global network of data scientists, science advisors, researchers, practitioners, facilities, and training opportunities.  

Sponsored by the CODATA Center of Excellence in Data for Society at the University of Arizona--a joint incubation of Data7, the iSchool, the Native Nations Institute, and the Center for Digital Society and Data Studies.  


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Data Diplomacy

CEDS develops new approaches to science diplomacy, using data assets and data science expertise as a tool to leverage cooperation and development

  • Data diplomacy frameworks 
  • Institutional interoperability
  • Data diplomacy training & certification 

Current projects

Data Governance

CEDS contributes to the creation of guidelines that improve interoperability and stewardship

  • Indigenous metadata standards
  • Flexible regulations for data tech
  • Taxonomic standards 
  • Research ethics 

Current projects

Data in Society

CEDS studies the impact of data technologies and practices on society, and the role of people in sociotechnical systems

  • Fairness in AI
  • Fluid Commons Collaboratory
  • Video as a Service
  • Genomic Sovereignty

Current projects